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€325 is for the online Mentor Coach Programme.  It consists of over 10 hours of LMS support  and ICF competency focused recordings, recordings with examples of good practice, documents to capture your learnings and so much more.  

There are three additional choices which have a range of prices for those who want to gain their 10 hours of Mentor Coaching. See below for our options.  

Come and join us and the many others who has successfully passed from Pheona's teaching. Let's elevate the standards of coaching - together. To date - we have a 100% success rate

Key point: Take action today - for a stronger tomorrow.

ICF Mentor Coaching Online, Group and/or Individual Programmes ACC/PCC

Ready to get your coaching credential with the ICF?
It is not as difficult as you may think - and this part of the process is hugely enjoyable.

We have different options for you. Learning online to enhance and strengthen your understanding and use of the ICF competencies.

Or come and learn with a group of like-minded individuals, all wanting the same goal: to be at the right standard to call themselves an ICF Professional Coach - and we know how to get you there.  Ready to take that next step?

ACC - new application

you need at least 60 hours of coach specific training (and this is training recognised by the ICF)
100 hours of coaching experience

PCC - New Application

you need at least 
125 hours of coach specific training and (AND THIS IS TRAINING RECOGNISED BY THE ICF)
500 hours of coaching experience

ACC or PCC Renewal

You will have already achieved the level required for a credential. This is your top-up  of 10 hours Mentor Coaching before renewal.

Welcome to your group coach mentoring

Hi, I'm Pheona Croom-Johnson and welcome to our unique programme that will give you the secrets of success to achieve your credential(s) in coaching.

I am the Academic Director and Co-Founder of Sandown Business School and have over 35 years of experience in the Organisational Development world.  I have a passion for coaching and supervision and want to see these disciplines elevated to the status they deserve. And to achieve that, we need coaches and supervisors who have developed mastery in their profession. That is where I come in. I want to support you to develop and strengthen your signature fingerprint in coaching. To encourage you to be the Coach and/or Supervisor you know you can be and want to be.  I want to support you to be confident to coach in today's environment. 

I am one of the few treble accredited Master Coaches with the ICF, EMCC and AC - which I hold mindfully and with care.  I am also a Master NLP Trainer, ESIA Supervisor & Team Coach Supervisor with the ICF. I share this with you so you can see - I have been in your shoes and have been able to find a way through - and that is what I want to give to you.  

Come and let's explore together how best to support you to achieve your goals. 

Here are three options for you to Join us in our group or individual ICF Mentor Coach training.

Want to experience ICF Mentor Coaching 1:1 or with others? Or choose the combination?

Remember when you want to apply for your ICF Credential, you will need to have completed 10 hours of Mentor Coaching. This can be achieved with either 7 hours in group with 3 individual sessions, or all 10 individual sessions.

You also need to complete 10 hours of Mentor Coaching for re-credentialing. 

Your question to consider now: How do you best learn? Groups? Individual?  Or a mixture between the two? 

Option 01

Coach Mentoring - Group

We regularly run groups focused on the ICF Competencies. 
What you can expect:
  • 4 sessions
  • 2 hours each session
  • No more than 10 per group
  • Student live and/or Pre-recorded coaching with feedback
  • Run over a month period.

The additional accumulative 60 minutes is arrival and departure in each session. (We practice ethically and want to make sure you get 7 full hours of Mentor Coaching.

This is counted as 7 hours of group mentor coaching. 
Option 02

Coach Mentoring - Individual

Come and work with Pheona and learn how to easily understand and embed the ICF competencies.

What you can expect:
  • 10 sessions
  • 1 hour each session
  • Thorough exploration of your recorded sessions
  • Clear feedback/feedforward based on the ICF Competencies

This is counted as 10 hours of individual mentor coaching.
option 03

Coach Mentoring: Combined

Experience being part of a group and receive the individual mentor coaching required for your credential. You will be working with Pheona or one of our specially trained mentor coaches. 

You can expect the same expectations as previously listed in the group and individual offers.

This is counted as 7 hours of group mentor coaching and 3 hours of individual mentor coaching. 

Dates for Spring 2024

ACC/PCC Group Dates
Friday lunchtime

1st March
8th March
22nd March
29th March
All at 12.00-14.00 GMT

ACC/PCC Group dates
Monday Evening

4th March
11th March
18th March
25th March
All at 19.00-21.00 GMT

3 x Individual Sessions

These can be booked at any time and are completed within a two month period (following the group mentor coaching) according to ICF Guidelines.

10 x individual sessions

These can be booked at any time and are completed within a three month period, according to ICF Guidelines.

4 groups running this month and still counting ...!

What our learners are saying.

What wonderful news to wake up to today. Thanks so much for the update and it was also thanks to your mentoring that I achieved this. Thank you!!
Angela Schloer - PCC
I'm so pleased my Observed Practice 6 (Final Performance Evaluation) is at the ICF standard, for ACC. It's a testament to your teaching! 
Sarah de Jong - ACC
Oh this has just more than made my day! I'm SO delighted. Wow! So exciting. Thank you thank you for everything! 
Charlotte Seebohm - PCC

Sessions are limited to only 10 participants.
If you'd like to work with Pheona (a treble accredited coach) as your mentor coach, ACT now
Choose the option that best suits you

Option 1 - Group

  • Payment Plan available
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If you introduce a colleague/friend who buys the same option as you - as a thank you we will give you 10% off.

Option 2 - Individual

  • Payment Plan available
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If you introduce a colleague/friend who buys the same option as you - as a thank you we will give you 10% off.

Option 3 - Group & Individual

  • Payment Plan available
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If you introduce a colleague/friend who buys the same option as you - as a thank you we will give you 10% off.
Please remember if you buy Option 1 but later decide you would like to continue working with your Mentor Coach - the three additional individual sessions will be at a price of €600 for the three.
If you would like Option 3 plus the online support - this will be €1,500 - a reduced rate for those who buy the complete programme.  To purchase this option - get in touch with us at admin@sandownbusinessschool.com and we will enrol you.

The team and I are looking forward to welcoming you onto this unique online programme.  
Remember, we are sharing our secrets of success with you and the good news - very soon you will be sharing your well earned credential with your new clients.  
We are cheering you on - Let's get going...

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