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Team Coach using ICF Competencies

Learn how to elevate your team coaching by integrating different methodologies, theories and practices giving you the edge in today's coaching environment.
Study Hours

45 hours

Starting date

20th April 2024

Group Size

No more than 12 per group

Learning Format

Mixed live and Online 


5 months



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Why Integrative Team Coaching?

There are many different team coaching training courses now available, especially since the ICF have created their credential: ‘Advanced Certificate in Team Coaching’.

This has suddenly meant those coaches wanting to demonstrate their team coaching expertise and experience to businesses and organisations, have been able to do so by obtaining this ICF credential. That has resulted many different training organisations suddenly putting together training programmes to fulfil this requirement - 60 hours of coach education focused on the ICF Team Coach Competencies.
HOWEVER, not all training programmes are equal!

Whilst we could talk about what other training programmes are not doing - instead we want to focus on honouring SBS’s roots and tell you what we are doing. As always, we take a neuroscience, psychology and ontological approach to Team Coaching, drawing on Science, Artistry and Systems. By bringing these elements together we have developed a cutting edge Team Coaching integrative programme.

Exploring Integrative Team Coaching

Integrative Team Coaching is a unique approach that involves a Team Coach collaborating with a team from an integrative perspective. The Team Coach utilises a reflective, collaborative and partnering approach while being knowledgeable about the various team practices and interventions that are available. The goal is to support the team to improve their effectiveness, relationships and team dynamics resulting in them being able to work as a ‘single entity’.

The integrative approach is holistic and considers various aspects, including psychological, emotional, behavioural, strategic and systemic components of the team. This method ensures that the team develops a broader perspective becoming more resilient, strengthened and developed. The team members are integral to the process and are not passive recipients.

The integrative Team Coach works with the team to identify underlying patterns, assumptions and beliefs that influence their performance and interactions. This process supports the team to gain new insights and leverage and value its diversity to improve its ability to handle complex challenges/opportunities.

The main objective of this method is to motivate teams to maximise their potential and collective capabilities by combining individual efforts into being that single entity. As Aristotle famously said, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

Learners to date


Hours of developed and accredited education
What is driving the importance of team coaching 
  1. Being able to unlock the power of the collective potential of a team
  2. Creating psychological safety for team diversity
  3. Adapting swiftly to market needs to stay ahead
  4. Needing agile, creative and innovative mindsets
  5. Recognising and nurturing talent  
  6. Developing resilience to complex challenges 
  7. Demonstrating transparency, trust and appreciation for difference
  8. Ensuring long-term sustainability
  9. Healthy tension replacing unhealthy and damaging conflicts and friction.
Effective Team Coaching enables teams to create an effective dialogue enabling them to:
  1.  Promote inclusive and respectful team dynamics
  2. Confidently address modern challenges 
  3. Build connections across geographical distances
  4. Foster a culture of creativity and experimentation
  5. Implement innovative solutions
  6. Manage setbacks and learn from failures
  7. Strengthen resilience in a competitive business landscape
  8. Encourage ethical decision-making with social responsibility.
Qualified Team Coach 2024 and beyond 
  1. Recognised credential by the leading global Coach Institution - ICF
  2. Recognises your work is aligned with ICF competency based benchmarks
  3. Learn with SBS how to use an integrative approach 
  4. Raises your above the noise of other unqualified coaches
  5. Gives you a head start in winning business
  6. Enables you to be bold in your positioning of your business
  7. Demonstrates your continuous professional development
  8. Learning current methodologies and knowledge frameworks to enhance your offering 
  9. Ensures you are able to confidently practice as a Team Coach.

Programme OVerview

We have meticulously crafted a comprehensive 75-hour programme centered around the ICF Team Competencies. However, our approach goes beyond mere competency acquisition; we seamlessly integrate these skills with contemporary trends, guaranteeing a learning experience enriched with cutting-edge knowledge. Our commitment extends to the practical realm, as we actively foster the application of knowledge, leverage real-world experience and promote hands-on practice. This ensures you understand the competencies AND are also adeptly equipped to excel as dynamic team coaches.

Below provides you with the Core Module outline.  As you can see there are many different elements involved in this Core Module that really set you up for success.

All students take this first module which is 45 hours in total and takes 5 months to complete.  

You will then have the choice of taking any of our Specialist Modules - depending on how many hours you need to achieve your credential, but also depending on where you want to focus your learning.  This is a truly bespoke way of learning that gives you the power to decide what learning is going to elevate your coaching practice.

When will this take place

Our Signature Workbooks and Learning Materials

Learning Journal

It follows all the evening events, provides questions, reflective suggestions and seeks to build the reflective practice 'muscle' to ensure our students are adopting best practice.

Reflection Workbook

It focuses on the work the students complete with one another in their Skills Practice Groups; and their Observed Practices.

Purpose Playbook

This has also proven to be a unique learning tool for our students. This is just one of the ways students develop their Signature Fingerprint as a coach.

Peer to Peer

Belonging to a group of like-minded learning


Group and 1:1 with credentialed Supervisors

Team Practice

Use the group as part of your team coach development

Are you ready to build and enhance your profession using coaching as the vehicle for ultimate transformation?

Learn and Grow on the Go!

Research has found that remote learning maximises individual productivity through flexibility. Post pandemic, individuals are recognising the complex relationship between learning, wellbeing, workplace and social life.

We have developed a specially crafted learning experience that we know you will love. Effortless, Engaging and Effective training that includes interactive videos, e-books, quizzes, embedding exercises, assessments, certificates and belonging within a community.

Highlighted benefits:
  • A broad global perspective.
  • Easy access on mobile or desktop.
  • Clear direction for students at every level.
  • Convenience and flexibility built into the student journey.
  • Better energy management.
  • Peer exchanges to enrich learning experiences.
  • Self-Paced Learning.
  • Improved virtual communication and collaboration.
  • Developing new technical coaching skills.
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Meet Our Core Team

Pheona Croom-Johnson

Co-Managing Partner, Academic Director

MSC, MA, ESIA Coach Supervisor and EIA Senior Practitioner (EMCC), PCC (ICF), Master Executive Coach (AC) & ACTC (ICF) Team Coach & Team Coach Supervisor

ABOUT Pheona
Pheona is an experienced OD Leadership Consultant and psychological supervisor/coach with over 30 years’ experience in global businesses. Designed, developed, implemented successful Leadership, Change, Talent and Cultural Programmes which have leveraged long-term change. Pheona has strong inter-relational skills which show up as her ability to gain the trust and confidence of C-Suite through to Front Line Managers and colleagues. She has a creative approach, drawing on a variety of business and psychological models, tools, techniques and other resources in order to bring the change in mindset, behaviours and actions. Pheona brings in the latest thinking and learning into all her work. Pragmatic Psychology at its best.

Richella Boggan

Co-Managing Partner & Global Business Development Director

BA (Hons) Economics, Clinical Nutritional Therapist, Senior Practitioner (EMCC) Master Coach & Coaching Supervisor (CSA)
ABOUT Richella
Richella is an Executive Neuroperformance and Neuroloeadership Coach and Coaching Supervisor. For the past 30 years plus working in commercial and management environments with Senior and Emerging Leaders within a variety of organizations. Richella brings a whole-system knowledge, approach and wisdom to her work, having the additional qualifications: a Nutritional Therapist; an Interpersonal Neurobiology specialist with Polyvagal Theory understanding and application. This results in Richella’s clients fulfilling potential, understanding their purpose and developing a life-long ability to self-regulate and co-regulate their internal systems which impacts professional and personal life. Richella’s belief: 'live with heart, love with passion - generate authentic results'.